Find success that lasts, find your race from within.
Mental RACE is a coaching philosophy and method crafted by experience with elite performers from Formula-1 to CEO´s, with firm roots in science.

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What is Mental RACE?

The Mental RACE philosophy and method is based on science of human psychology and physiology as well as 15 years of coaching experience, ranging from F1 drivers to CEOs. Mental RACE is born to provide coaching solutions for the modern high performers to thrive in the increasingly complex world we live in. The solution is respecting our fundamental humanity – our psychology and physiology – and it all starts with rest.



Psychological and physiological state of rest


Attitude, Motivation and self-leadership


Skills for life and performance


Meaningful challenge

Mental Race PODCAST

Conversations with amazing guests

Heikki Huovinen explores life and performance with performance experts and elite performers, with the aim to provide practical tools for different performance contexts – ranging from taking kids to kindergarten to a Formula 1 race start.

Important topic, clear facts and useful tips presented. Great character and a great speaker!

Mental RACE Keynote participant

Great examples, skillful speaker with lots of experience.

Mental RACE Keynote participant

The experience of the speaker and relaxed presentation style was awesome.

Mental RACE Keynote participant

I got lots of new perspectives, learned a lot about myself and discovered things that I could not have figured out by myself.

Mental RACE Rally driver client

Coaching gave me tools and perspective to manage my nerves in games, and I feel I can perform at a much higher level now when I step into the rink!

Mental RACE Ice hockey player client

This definitely calls for giving thanks! I have listened to (and recommended to others) your podcasts, and they have been super interesting/good! Big thanks for sharing both your own ideas as well as those of your guests as food for thought for the rest of us!

Mental RACE Podcast listener



Book Heikki from Mental RACE to give an inspirational speech with practical examples from different high performance contexts and the solid science behind it all.


Mental RACE Coaching services to be released here Spring 2024! Stay tuned.

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